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We’ve all heard those “Rags to Riches” stories when it comes to FDA Decision Stocks….

Little-known Sarepta Therapeutics (SRPT) was trading at $3 in 2012 before it’s muscular dystrophy drug, Eteplirsen, received FDA Approval and never looked back.  Today the stock trades near all-time highs of $172 – delivering a mind-blowing 2,300%+ GAIN!

Even more recently, Quidel Corp. skyrocketed 312% from around $60. last year to All-Time Highs of $2.27 today on FDA Approval for their COVID-19 antigen test!

These are just 2 examples of the kind of LIFE-CHANGING GAINS early investors can see from an FDA Approval decision.

And that’s why we’re so excited about this week’s New Alert – especially since it’s trading at a mere .75!!


Odyssey Group International (OTCQB: ODYY) is a technology and asset acquisition company with a focus in the area of life-saving medical solutions.

The company operates in the Medical technology industry which represents $430 billion dollars of the overall Healthcare Industry.  And with ODYY’s ground-breaking projects, this company looks like they will be a key piece of the sector for a long time to come!

ODYY is quickly gaining notoriety on the strength of it’s two potential FDA Approval medical devices: CardioMap® and Save-A-Life Choking Rescue Device.

These revolutionary devices are absolutely one-of-a-kind!! 

CardioMap®, for example, provides early, non-invasive testing for heart disease – the leading cause of death among Americans today with cardiac devices representing a $28 BIL market!

Save-a-Life is a patented, safe, and easy to use vacuum device for removing a lodged mass or bolus from the throat of a choking victim.

Yes…ODYY is *quite literally* out there to SAVE LIVES!!!

Yet, ODYY is now trading *well off* very recent highs of 4.95 from just over a month ago….

Now trading in a consolidated channel right at long-term support levels, could an EPIC BOUNCE be in the cards?

In fact, ODYY is literally trading back at the same exact price of .75 when it rallied 560% to highs of 4.95 in April!!

So with our MACD Indicator suggesting Bullish sentiment and Divergence + our RSI Indicator now completely OVERSOLD…..could History repeat itself this week??

Let’s dig in…


The United States remains the largest medical device market in the world at over $150 billion and the market is expected to grow to an impressive $400+ billion.

When you compare the space to other industries like automotive, defense, and telecommunications, the medical device industry invests a higher percentage of yearly revenues into product innovation.

This is a competitive arena where companies are constantly trying to improve on existing products and technologies.

The global medical devices market should expand at a CAGR of 4.5% over the next four years, reaching a total of $409.5 billion by the year 2023, says a new report by Lucintel.

Many baby boomers already represent a major market with many more heading into retirement. The baby boomer population is now estimated at about 73 million!

The need for life changing and life saving medical devices is dire and ODYY is looking to capitalize with several products that may eventually become household names!


ODYY’s footprint in the healthcare sector can be summed into 3 different projects…

The company’s initial product technology is the CardioMap® heart monitoring and screening device.

ODYY also acquired the patented Save-a-Life Choking Rescue Device – a personal anti-choking device to save lives.

And last but not least, ODYY struck a partnership with Prevacus Inc., a BioPharma company that has been developing a nasal spray to treat concussions and other rare neurological disorders.

ODYY’s CardioMap® heart monitoring and screening device, provides early, non-invasive testing of heart disease.

CardioMap was originally designed for doctor’s offices and hospitals, but can be easily transformed for personal use or alternative setting (gyms, spa’s, home, ambulatory care and/or clinics). The current technology is much more sensitive and accurate than traditional EKG technology.

With its highly portable design and web-based analysis, it can both penetrate the existing $28B cardiac device market and also expand the market vertical by opening up the possibilities for remote and home screening.


CardioMap depicts disease or stress levels, along with current heart conditions as a 3D image supplementing the line drawing electrocardiogram (ECG), but with device sensitivity that surpasses standard ECG analyzers by 7 to 50 times.

It is highly portable and provides a rapid analysis in less than 60 seconds. The device is connected through the internet to the central server that converts the electric conductivity of the cardiac tissue into a three-dimensional, color-coded and easy to interpret visual portrait.

If it becomes FDA approved, ODYY’s CardioMap will be the first and only device capable of mass screening for early detection!

All other methods presently used, including ECG, Stress Tests, EHO, etc. either define patients as ‘healthy’ (no pathology, no changes) or ‘sick’ (there is a pathology and/or organic changes).

The CardioMap could also be the only device that has the ability to show the ‘grey’ areas where deterioration has begun but not lead to pathology yet. This is a phenomenal incentive for doctors to use the CardioMap device.

With its asset acquisition of Save-a-Life, ODYY is now organized to introduce to the medical device industry a revolutionary, easy-to-use choking rescue device.

save a life

Save-a-Life is a patented, safe, and easy to use vacuum device for removing a lodged mass or bolus from the throat of a choking victim.

The device includes a pump for creating a vacuum chamber which is connected seamlessly with a replaceable/disposable mouthpiece. In an emergency the CRD may be easily inserted into the victim’s mouth which depresses the tongue providing a clear, trauma-free application.


Some of the many advantages of this device include:

► It’s easy to use
► Has a smart patented design
► Can be used on anyone (of any age)
► The product can be self-administrable

KEEP IN MIND: There are approximately 5,000 choking deaths annually in the US. 95% of these result from in-home incidents. 56% of these victims are over 74 years in age.

Choking is the 4th leading cause of death in children, and airway obstruction is the leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths under the age of 1 in the United States. Current choking rescue devices do not address these needs.

ODYY believes its anti-choking device will quickly become the “accepted” standard and leader in the treatment of choking incidents globally – literally “SAVING LIVES”!

The company and their design partner has made progress in its development effort with the ultimate goal of filing a submission to the FDA for the life-saving choking rescue device.

So far they have accomplished phase one design tasks and built a working proof of principle model for testing repeatable performance and efficacy in a life-like anatomical model. This mechanical device has demonstrated its ability to extract a variety of lodged food samples from confined areas in the airway passage that typically cause asphyxiation.

Last June, ODYY struck a partnership deal with Prevacus Inc., a company that has been developing a nasal spray to treat concussions.

Prevacus, Inc. is a BioPharmaceutical company which is developing drug candidates that have the potential to advance treatment in the fields of traumatic brain injury and other neurological disorders.

The Company’s first two development candidates (PRV-002 and PreVPro) represent breakthrough strategy for treating concussion working at the molecular level to simultaneously reduce inflammation, swelling, impaired cerebral blood flow and oxidative stress.

We’ve seen concussions destroy the lives of wealthy and powerful athletes from wrestling to football.

Yet there are currently NO DRUG AVAILABLE for concussion treatment.

Prevacus’ founder, Jacob VanLandingham, is a Ph.D. who worked in the Department of Biomedical Sciences for the FSU College of Medicine. He has spent many years in the laboratory analyzing the positive effects neuro-steroids have on edema– swelling of the brain.

The Odyssey-Prevacus partnership could quite possibly facilitate the release of the FIRST EVER concussion treatment drug.  This would be an IMMENSE feat in an untouched market!!

The nasal spray is currently in the early stages of testing.

ODYY and Prevacus are now preparing the final nano-formulation for nasal application to initiate its first human trials for treating concussion.

If you’ve read this far, you’ve got to be convinced that what ODYY has in the pipeline is downright REVOLUTIONARY.

This is not a company that shies away from doing the unthinkable and going after diseases that most other Pharmas would steer clear of.

Heart Disease?  The #1 annual killer of Americans. ODYY is on it.
Concussions?  Currently NO Drugs on the market.  ODYY is on it.
Choking? Good luck there. But ODYY is on it.

So needless to say, we’ll be watching closely to see how all these devices progress through the FDA pipeline!

In the meantime, ODYY is trading at Bottomed Support levels at the VERY SAME PRICE of .75 that it rallied 560% from in April!!

So will history repeat itself today?

Make sure you put ODYY on your screen RIGHT NOW and Follow on Twitter for all the Updates + Play-by-Play!

Good Trading,

Xavier Wright
Editor | WallStreetAlerts.org

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