CPMD is back on Immediate 300%+ BOTTOM BOUNCE Alert! Do NOT miss this Cannabis Play before the Elections

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It’s time to “Catch the BOUNCE” once again with a Big Past Winner!

Today’s BOTTOM BOUNCE Alert presents a rare – yet URGENT – situation that brings us back into the Once-in-a-Lifetime Cannabis Sector where some major developments are afoot….

Our neighbors to the north in Canada are currently rolling out Cannabis 2.0 legalization of vapes, edibles, and infused beverages while we here in the US prepare for the November Elections where many New States could Legalize Marijuana – including one of the Biggest Metro areas in the world – New York/New Jersey/Connecticut!


Over in DC, the House is planning to vote on removing marijuana from the list of controlled substances and erasing some marijuana criminal records – a HUGE and HISTORIC win for advocates!

You also may not have realized that the Global Cannabis Market grew over 46% in 2019 to $14.8 BIL. The market is still expected to reach $47 BIL by 2025, according to analysts.

All this and more makes today’s new alert *once again* – a can’t-miss situation – especially as Cannabis Stocks tend to go PARABOLIC during Election Season!


CPMD is a company focused on the acquisition and development of state-of-the-art cannabis grow facilities. The company already owns a 48,500 square foot cannabis grow facility presently under development and is currently in discussion with other companies regarding potential acquisitions.

With prospects in both Canada AND California, CPMD is truly a company positioned to be a leader in the Cannabis space for years to come.

In fact, just a few weeks ago, the company secured a staggering $3 MIL INVESTMENT by Triton Funds to accelerate expansion plans….and expand they did, with a new facility in California!

Not to mention, CPMD is now in the process of UPLISTING to the coveted OTCQB Market as well as DUAL-LISTING on the Canadian Stock Exchange!

Think about how many more eyes that will bring to this stock!!

Yet, even with the plethora of positive developments and future potential, CPMD took a bad hit in the last month, plummeting from highs of 2.60 to current levels.

This overly aggressive drop is exactly why CPMD may be our BIGGEST BOTTOM BOUNCE PLAY OF ALL TIME!

After coming off lows of .50 back in May, CPMD had developed a beautifully Bullish chart with a strong, prolonged uptrend – hitting New Highs of 2.60 just last month.

Then…like a punch in the face, CPMD just collapsed under a buck to lows of .85 within a span of 2 days!

This is when we issued our first alert – and traders saw up to 42% BOUNCE GAINS immediately!

But it did not last. After that brief respite, CPMD continued to tumble to current prices.

These types of sell-offs may be caused by a domino effect of fear and immature traders, which is why CPMD is the absolute perfect candidate for a MASSIVE BOTTOM BOUNCE at these severely discounted prices (and it may already be getting started)….

So what is a BOTTOM BOUNCE?
A temporary or full recovery/reversal from a quick or prolonged decline/bear market. A bounce could be a substantial but short-lived recovery in the price of a declining security or signal a full reversal of the price. Frequently, downtrends are interrupted by brief periods of recovery – or small rallies – where prices temporarily rise. This can be a result of traders or investors closing out short positions or buying on the assumption that the security has reached a bottom.

Just take a look at this chart and tell me this doesn’t fit the above description to a T!


As you can see above, our RSI Indicator is completely OVERSOLD while our MACD Indicator is nearing a Cross of the Line and Signal into BULLISH DIVERGENCE!

And while the first 42% Bounce Alert didn’t initiate a new long-term Bullish trend, this time CPMD hit long-term support and is already beginning to push north off of it.

So essentially, *HERE* is where CPMD may make it’s Biggest BOUNCE yet!

So what’s the BOUNCE Upside Potential this time? A Bounce back to just September highs of 1.50 would deliver up to 130% GAINS – but a BOUNCE to AUGUST’S HIGHS would generate traders an IMMEDIATE 300% GAINS!!

We said it the last time and we’ll say it again….


But what could keep CPMD on another prolonged Bullish run?  Read on…

CannaPharmaRx (CPMD)’s overall mission is to produce high quality, carbon footprint efficient pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis in ultramodern, highly efficient facilities in Canada and the US for the distribution to wholesale licensed retailers.

Currently, the company is squarely focused on the acquisition and development of state-of-the-art cannabis grow facilities.
is committed to operating high quality facilities utilizing the latest technology in combined heat and power generation to ensure being a low-cost producer of cannabis.

As stated above, CPMD owns a 48,500 square foot cannabis grow facility presently under development and recently agreed to acquire a new cannabis production facility in Cathedral City, California.

“Completion of this acquisition will be a significant milestone for our Company. We are hopeful that it is the first of many transactions we are able to close this year in order to commence grow operations during the first half of next year,” said Nick Colvin, CEO of CannaPharaRx.

The company’s Hanover facility in Ontario was installed in May 2014 and includes 10 acres of land and a 48,800-square-foot growing space to produce 21,000 pounds (9,600 kilograms) of cannabis annually.

Hanover Facility

Stevensville Facility

The Stevensville facility in Ontario was acquired in February 2019 and includes 38 acres of land and a 60,000-square-foot growing space to produce 27,500 pounds (12,500 kilograms) of cannabis annually. The site allows for expansion of several additional grow facilities. Production began Q1 2020.

In addition, CPMD has stated that they “continue to work tirelessly toward the closing of the acquisition of the Okanagan Falls project” –  760,000 square foot glass house located on a 114-acre parcel of land in southern British Columbia, CA.

Once fully built out the facility has an annual production capacity of 120,000 kg!!

Coupled with the $3 MIL INVESTMENT by Triton Funds to accelerate expansion plans, CPMD appears to looking to hit on all cylinders of the Cannabis Industry.

In June, the company stated that they are looking to expand their brand with a new Genetics Division.

In addition to accurately labeling the varieties of cannabis, genetics is one of the most impactful issues within the current industry. The importance of genetics cannot be underestimated in creating the desired effects for consumers and patients.

As the cannabis industry progresses, cultivators are increasingly trying to develop new strains through crossbreeding. Genetic modification could enable industrial-scale production of cannabinoids that have pharmaceutical potential.

“Different cannabis users are looking for different results within the various strains of cannabis they are utilizing. We are very excited by the prospect of incorporating a genetics division into the company to not only ensure quality control, but also to produce the best possible product,” CEO Nick Colvin said.

“These genetics can also help us to develop heartier strains that are able to grow in a shorter time period, thus enabling us to get the end product to the user as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Bounce Situations this big don’t come around often!

Usually you can find a bounce play with 20-30% upside.  But…up to 300% IMMEDIATE UPSIDE!?!  This is no joke!

Couple that with all the exciting things afoot for the company from potential UPLISTING and DUAL-LISTING in Canada, a Multi-MIL Dollar investment for expansion, a potential acquisition in California, a Genetics Division, facility completions….I can go on for days!!

Needless to say, CPMD won’t stay under-the-radar for much longer….

“Management believes we are entering our revenue growth phase and the company is beginning to make progress towards becoming a leader within the cannabis production and extraction industry. We anticipate many developments to materialize during Q4 and believe that we further validate ourselves with the closing of additional acquisitions.” –– CEO Nick Colvin.


Not to mention that the US Elections are roughly 1 MONTH AWAY and anyone who’s traded these markets for a bit knows how PARABOLIC Pot Stocks get around this time!

So are you ready to “Catch the Bounce” again today?

Make sure you put CPMD on your screen RIGHT NOW and Follow on Twitter for all the Updates + Play-by-Play!

Good Trading,

Xavier Wright
Editor | WallStreetAlerts.org

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